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Upcoming Fights

EBU Cruiserweight Title Bout
09/05/2009 Huck v Rusal

IBF/IBO Light Heavyweight Title
10/05/2009 Dawson v Tarver

WBF Heavyweight Title
15/05/2009 Hoffman v Botha

Commonwealth Heavyweight Title Bout
15/05/2009 Rogan v Sexton

WBC Cruiserweight Title Bout
16/05/2009 Fragomeni v Wlodarczyk

Commonwealth Middleweight Title
23/05/2009 Barker v McDermott

WBA Heavyweight Title
30/05/2009 Chagaev v Valuev

WBA Welterweight Title
31/05/2009 Berto v Urango

EBU Light Heavyweight Title
06/06/2009 Braehmer v Brancalion

IBF/WBO/IBO Heavyweight Titles Bout
20/06/2009 Klitschko v Haye

PABA Heavyweight Title
26/06/2009 Kretschmann v Bakhtov

WBA Light Welterweight Title
27/06/2009 Khan v Kotelnik

WBA Featherweight Title
28/06/2009 John v Juarez

Welterweight Bout
19/07/2009 Mayweather v Marquez

Result Predictions

Dawson v Tarver
Dawson, Chad On Points

Fragomeni v Wlodarczyk
Fragomeni, Giacobbe On Points

Brook v Mutley
Brook, Kell On Points

Klitschko v Haye
Klitschko, Wladimir Round 4

Kretschmann v Bakhtov
Kretschmann, Steffen On Points

Khan v Kotelnik
Kotelnik, Andriy Round 8

John v Juarez

Pavlik v Mora
Pavlik, Kelly Round 1


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